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Long Farm Meats

Welcome to the Long Farm

We are the Landis Family and we are the stewards of Long Farm Meats.


As tenth generation farmers, Michael and Paula believe in working hard and doing things the old fashion way together as a family, with their four young children.


We are committed to serving our community by raising quality, nutritious farm- to- table meats that nourish and fuel our bodies the way God intended.


We strive to practice farming methods that are most beneficial and humane for our animals and likewise, most beneficial to our customers.

Our black angus cattle are 100% grass fed and finished the whole way through, never given any grain. They are processed at a prime age for optimal marbling. Then they dry age 14-21 days for the most tender, flavorful beef. Our pork is raised on a nutritious diet of non gmo corn and minerals ground and mixed up here on the farm. 

Since 2016, we have become the primary meat source for many families in Lancaster and surrounding counties-- including our suburban neighbors across Philadelphia to Baltimore.

We hope you will taste and appreciate the difference as well- you won't be disappointed.



How to Order
Long Farm Meats

Beef Share Program:

Our beef share program is a great way to buy a variety of Long Farm beef, including our premium cuts of steaks and roasts. We offer quarters and half beef shares.  This is the best value you can get at Long Farm Meats.

Ordering Process:

We have Spring and Fall processing dates scheduled at Zimmerman's Custom Butcher that you can choose from. Each quarter or half beef will require a deposit to hold your share. As we get closer to your pick-up date, we will be in contact with you to receive your custom order. One week before your scheduled beef pick-up date, you will receive final invoice from us with remaining balance. If you are new to this, don't fret! We will walk you through the entire process and will be a phone call or email away!


What's included:

The following is an approximate representation of what to expect from a quarter of beef :

  • 13-15 lbs of Premium Steaks (ex: Filet Mignon, Delmonico, NY Strip)

  • 13-15 lbs of Steak (ex: Sirloin, Flank, Flat Iron, Chuck)

  • 30-38 lbs of Roasts (ex: Chuck, Eye, Tri Tip, Rump, Top Round)

  • 50-60 lbs of Ground Beef (pre-formed burger patties at extra cost)

  • ¼ Brisket

  • 2-4 lbs of Short Ribs

  • Beef bones for broth or dogs by request 

  • Organs by request

Our pricing does not include extras such as beef sticks, chipped steak, beef cubes, hot dogs etc., you will pay extra for these options at the time of pick-up. 

*Long Farm Meats cannot promise an exact number or poundage of certain cuts because of the natural variation of the cattle

                                                     2024 Pricing:

1/4 Beef: $ 5.95/ lb hanging weight

  • You will receive around 100-120 lbs of take home meat (3-4 butcher boxes)

  • Customize your order directly with our butcher

  • Plan to budget $981-1011 (this price includes butcher fees) 

1/2 Beef: $ 5.85/ lb hanging weight

  • You will receive around 200-240 lbs of take home meat (6-8 butcher boxes)

  • Customize your order directly with our butcher

  • Plan to budget $1930- $1989 (this price includes butcher fees)

Price includes meat and all butcher fees. 

                                                             Non GMO Pork Shares:
 Our pork is strictly raised on non gmo feed. They are given an unlimited supply and fatten nicely which is great for those primal cuts of pork. We raise pork seasonally and are currently taking deposits for Summer 2024. Please check out our pork link for pricing and additional information. 


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