Long Farm Meats
100% grass fed and finished beef


Farming Lancaster County since 1754


The Isaac Long Farm has been in operation since 1754. For the past ten generations it has remained in the Long/ Landis family and today, as a multi- generational farm.

Tucked away in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania, you will find this farm of historic value full of life.


Between cattle grazing on rotating pasture, seasonal hogs in the barn and chickens free ranging on the pasture, there is always something going on here. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall the back dirt lane is busy with tractors and combines going to work the earth. 

Everything We Offer

Providing quality farm to table products that nourish and fuel our bodies the way God intended. We strive to practice farming methods that are most beneficial and humane for our animals which in return has a beneficial trickle down effect into our food. Our 100% grass fed and finished beef and all natural pork are not given any antibiotics or added hormones. Our pig feed doesn't obtain any GMOs. In addition to our all natural meat options, we are now offering all natural tallow soap and non toxic products for the home.