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**$206 is the deposit only***


Price is $4/lb hanging weight plus set butcher fee of $250

Approx. hanging weight of 220-230lbs

Will yield around 180-200lbs of take-home meat

Total approx price for a whole hog, including butcher fees ($720-$800 to us & $250 butcher fee to Appel Valley Butcher Shop.)

Includes: Ham, Bacon, Bone-in or boneless: Pork Chops, Loins, boston butts, picnic roasts, ribs, and sausage (Pick two sausage flavors: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Regular, & Maple.) Extras: Lard, scrapple

This is completely customizeable. The butcher will call you to get your order beforehand.

Please choose processing date at the time before checking out. Pick-up will be ready the following Saturday of chosen date.

Final Invoice will be sent the week of pick-up or once we have final weights

Reminder, this is just the deposit, you will pay balance invoiced to you from us before you pick-up. You will pay the $250 butcher fee to Appel Valley Butcher Shop at the time of pick-up. (531 Beaver Valley Pike Lancaster, PA 17602)

Please choose 'farm pick-up'

option when placing deposit online. If mailing a check for deposit, please make payable to Michael Landis

and send us an email to let us know it's on the way. Thank you!

Whole Hog

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