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***$312 is the deposit only, to avoid the $12 website fee, kindly mail a check to us and make payable to Michael Landis. ***


Half Beef cost: $5.85/ lb hanging weight:


You will receive around 200-240 lbs of take home meat (4-8 butcher boxes)

40% ground beef, 30% steaks, 30% roasts + dog bones/ stock bones & organs

Customize your order directly with our butcher

Plan to budget $1930- $1989 (Price includes butcher fees)


Once your deposit has been made, you will receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your beef share reservation. Unless you have additional questions, you will not hear from us again until we get closer to your pick-up date with the exception of our monthly update emails. Once we are two weeks away from your pick-up date, you shoud expect to receive informative emails regarding your custom butcher options then a call from us or Zimmerman's to get your custom order. You will be contacted with the final price and invoice, the week before your beef pick-up. The remaining balance should be received before you pick-up your beef.


Please note, the above costs are just estimate, final weight to be determined at the time of butcher.


When checking out, please choose "Farm Pick-up" option so there is no delivery fee charged.


***Reminder*** This is just the deposit. No action is needed after this-this just holds your beef share.

Half Beef Deposit

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