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Quarter Beef Cuts

Ribeye or Delmonico: 4 packs of 2

T-Bone or NY Strip or Fillet: 3 packs of 2

Porterhouse Steak or Fillet: 2 packs of 2

Sirloin Steak: 3 packs (1 steak per pack)

Round Steak: 6 packs (1/2 steak in each, very large)

Flank Steak: 1 @ 1.5lbs.

Skirt Steak: 1 @ 1lb

Flat Iron: 1 pack of 2 @ 1.5lbs.

Chipped Steak ($.50/lb.): Comes from round steak, 10 packs @ 1lb

Chuck Roast: 4 packs @ 2.5lbs each

Shoulder Roast: 1 pack @ 3 lbs.

Rump Roast: up to 5 packs @ 2-3lbs each

Tri- tip (comes out of sirloin): 2lbs

Brisket: 1 @ 4-7lbs

Short Ribs: 3 packs @ 3lbs each

Hamburger (pkgd. 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb): 40-50lbs

Stock Bones


*** This is an approximate amount of beef you would get with one of our quarters. Amount will vary from animal to animal depending on weight.

*** Our price includes a standard butcher. Any extras are paid for by you, directly to butcher, at the time of pick- up.


Patties .40/ lb.

Jerky 5.50/ lb. (20 lb. min.)

Snack Sticks 2/ lb. (20 lb. min.)

Cheese Sticks 3/lb. (20 lb. min.)

Hot Dogs 1.20/lb. (30 lb. min.)

Cheese Hot Dogs 2.10/ lb. (30 lb. min.)

Beef Cubes .50/ lb.

Bologna .80/ lb. (30 lb. minimum)

Ring Bologna 1.50/ lb. (30lb min.)

Dry Beef 1.35/ lb. (5 lb. min.)

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